StackHouse Burger Bar Review – Gourmet Burgers In Vancouver

Located in the GED – Granville Entertainment District – StackHouse Burger Bar is a stylish hamburger hub offering gourmet burgers in an alluringly casual-sleek environment.

StackHouse has a great vibe and is the kind of place you want to hang out all night in. The decor is reminiscent of Meat and Bread and there’s good reason: The same Vancouver designer, Craig Stanghetta, brought “Gastown chic” to this Granville strip restaurant. The space features a repeating chef-knives motif, gilded mirrors, and beautiful white oak bar top with matching tables. Paper place-mats are stamped with StackHouse logos and cutlery and napkins are waiting to be grabbed tins resting on all the tables.

Best of all? A live DJ was spinnin’ the Fugees. The Score. Yes, Lauryn, Pras and Wyclef in their heyday. The rest of the evening was punctuated with even more hip-hop masterpieces. It was glorious.

What sets this burger joint apart from the rest is that StackHouse only uses the finest, locally sourced natural ingredients. Also, its menu is all about the burgers, of which there are ten varieties available – from Kobe beef to Ahi tuna to Dungeness crab to lamb to venison to veggie – there’s a protein to satisfy everyone’s inclinations.

Kobe Burger ($21) – 6.5 oz Kobe beef patty with Guinness cheddar, caramelized onions, truffle aioli and buttery bibb lettuce served on a brioche bun. Twenty-one dollars might sound like copious bucks for a burger, but the price is well worth the fare. This voluptuous creation is a genuinely gourmet hamburger. The meat’s succulent texture melts in your mouth, while the creamy truffle aioli takes it to the next level. The brioche bun’s rich and very tender crumb holds the burger together, yet easily falls apart when bitten. Perfection.

Pictured below is the Chicken Burger ($15) – 5 oz free-run chicken breast with Camembert cheese, truffle aioli (made with fresh black truffles, white truffles and white truffle oil) and butter lettuce, served on a brioche bun. Let’s face it, if you top anything with truffle and place between a brioche bun, it’s going to be fantastic. However, this quite possibly could be the best chicken burger I have ever had — juicy meat massaged with a creamy marriage of truffle sauce and a soft round of delicately melted Camembert.

All burger entrees are served with either hand-cut Kennebec fries or side mesclun salad with lavender-infused honey citrus vinaigrette. Fries are excellent and served steaming hot. Portions are very substantial so we did not have room for the one dessert on the menu: Deep Fried Ice Cream ($9) – Vanilla ice cream wrapped in brioche dough, deep fried to perfection, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and served with a Kahlua chocolate ganache and fresh fruit. Doesn’t that sound decadently-good.

We also ordered a couple of soft drinks ($3) which our server brought us refills of the second we were done with our first glasses. StackHouse’s overall service exudes that “anticipating guests’ needs” attitude that is rare in most restaurants in the area. Our server could tell something wasn’t right, so he came over to see if everything was okay. Well, his instinct was correct. Gary had bit into a raw portion of his burger. The server assured us that the beef is brought in fresh (not frozen) every day. Essentially there was no need to be concerned since it’s top-notch, expertly handled meat. Gary ate around the uncooked bit, and it was still one of the best burgers that he has ever had. With the demise of db Bistro and its famous burger – these are the best burgers in town!

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