Crave On Main Restaurant Review

We just returned from brunch at Crave on Main restaurant this afternoon.  We arrived at around 1pm and since it’s a busy Sunday, they still had a line up. Although, we only had to wait for approximately 10 minutes to be seated.

The restaurant itself is very tiny but nicely decorated.  Crave’s host was very friendly and asked if we would be alright to sit outside on their back patio. He told us that we could follow him to take a look and thought the patio would ‘sell itself’.  We agreed since it was a very pleasant and cozy patio, surrounded by plants and had a calming water fountain.

Back Patio Dining

Even thought it was raining outside, heat lamps warmed the area and it was covered and enclosed in clear plastic to shield us from the elements.

I had asked for my eggs to be poached hard, so the waiter then asked my husband how he wanted his Smoked Salmon Benny ($12) cooked. Gary said he’d like them “regular”.  It seems as though the server thought regular meant poached hard, because when Gary cut into the eggs he discovered they were just as hard as mine.

Gary also wondered “have potato prices increased recently?” As you can see from the photo, there weren’t a lot of hashbrowns on his plate.

Smoked Salmon Benny

I ordered the California Benny ($10) which consisted of back bacon and avocado and was served with ‘buttery potatoes’. I really enjoyed the hollandaise sauce as it had a nice tangy flavor.

The ‘buttery potatoes’ weren’t all that buttery and were a little dry. Additionally, they were a tad raw on the inside. However they were very hot, fresh and nicely seasoned.

California Benny

We noticed that the kitchen forgot watermelon garnish that were on all other orders on tables around us. I think the garnish would have made the dish seem less empty. And I was looking forward to eating a juicy slice of watermelon! We thought the plate looked as though it was missing something and felt the portion size was small – compared to other eggs benedicts we’ve had around Vancouver.

Our server seemed indifferent. Or maybe he was just so busy that he didn’t have time to care. His service was fine, it just would have been nice to have a server that was more personable. The host however, provided excellent service.

Overall I enjoyed dining outside on their warm & cozy back patio, applaud their hollandaise sauce, thought the host was superb, but probably wouldn’t crave Crave on Main.

Crave (Main St) on Urbanspoon

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