T.C. Eggington’s Brunchery Review (Mesa, Arizona)

It was my parents wedding anniversary last week so we took them out for Sunday brunch to one of Arizona’s consistently top-rated dining institutions: The legendary T.C. Eggington’s Brunchery has been serving up an “eggstra” special breakfast, lunch and brunch in Mesa, Arizona since 1985. Featuring award winning traditional family recipes all made from scratch using only the freshest ingredients.

T.C.’s dining space is very large and seats a tonne of people. They even offer covered patio seating, available with misters and heaters for year round outdoor dining. We waited approximately 20 minutes for a table of four, and while we waited, we noticed that the restaurant seemed very efficiently run and the host staff were quick to take names and seat customers.

For drinks, we chose a Hawaiian Colada ($3.95) – This cheerful “smoothie shoogle” has a smidgen of coconut milk, orange juice, yogurt and pineapple. According to T.C. Eggington’s, a shoogle is an English version of a shake, although we’ve never heard the term before! The beverage itself was tasty, however, the whipped topping had an unpleasant oily aftertaste. Why can’t restaurants just use real whipped cream (or no topping at all!)? It’s one of my biggest pet-peeves. Anyway, we all ordered Coffee ($2.25 each) served from a carafe that’s kept on table à la IHOP. We also ordered a Decaf Americano ($1.85 single/ $2.45 double) served in a glass mug. Unfortunately, both the coffee and espresso were very weak.

O’pear Grenache Omelette ($8.95) – A delicious savory and sweet omelette with a subtle mix of bosc pear slices, melted havarti cheese, sliced almonds and crunchy bacon offer an extraordinary rich flavor you should experience. It was awesome – the pear, cheese and bacon all mingled together so beautifully. Complemented by an English muffin with preserves and a choice of parlour potatoes, fresh fruit, sliced tomatoes or cottage cheese.
Crab Stuffed Pastry ($8.95) – These fresh baked pastry shells are stuffed with artichoke hearts and crab meat, topped with poached eggs, then lightly covered with hollandaise, and served with parlour potatoes. The menu description is a little deceiving since it does not mention ‘imitation’ crab meat. Although, considering we’re in the desert, real crab meat would be a far fetched assumption. But even canned crab meat would have been better. The bottom portion of the pastry shells were a bit too dense for our liking. On the upside, T.C.’s hollandaise was great and the soft poached eggs were cooked perfectly.
English Toast With A “French” Flair ($7.75) – This dish is T.C. Eggington’s specialty! According to the Arizona Republic, “no one does French toast better”. This just might be a true statement. The secret’s in their custard-rich dipping batter and how they delicately grill THICK slices of cinnamon bread, cap it off with their sweet ‘n’ creamy honey-butter and add a dash of powdered sugar. Fantastic.

Plain & Simple ($7.95) – Two large farm fresh eggs prepared just the way you like them with either a large sliced ham steak, home style bacon, or select sausage links. Like the omelette, this dish is served with a toasted English muffin & parlour preserves with a choice of either parlour potatoes, fresh fruit, sliced tomatoes or cottage cheese. The hashbrowns were pretty decent. Nice and crispy on one side and fluffy goodness on the interior.

Overall, the French toast and omelette were both fantastic at T.C. Eggington’s, but they could certainly work on the quality of their beverages. It appears that it really depends on what you order at T.C.’s as some menu items are hit-and-miss. Service was great and the restaurant really does exude the homey, family-style atmosphere that they’re famous for.

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