Pig BBQ Joint Review (Victoria, BC)

Continuing our EatingInVancouver Island, we were in downtown Victoria and wanted to grab a quick bite for lunch. My brother suggested Pig BBQ Joint (Blanshard & Johnson) as he raved about their pulled pork sandwiches. Upon entering, the joint is a relatively small space. However, it has tall ceilings, and floor to ceiling windows, which both make the space seem more expansive.

Place your order at the counter, take a seat, and wait for your order to be called promptly. Their menu offers beef brisket sandwiches, smoked chicken sandwiches, rack of ribs, mac & cheese, fries, coleslaw, beans, cornbread, fried chicken – which all make me think I’m in the southern United States.  Then Pig throws in a menu item like pulled pork poutine – ok we’re definitely in Canada.

This joint is pretty casual: jugs of water and mason jars are provided for you to pour your own water. Each table has a jumbo roll of paper towel to assist in clean-up after you dig into your meaty feast. As a courtesy, you’re expected to bus your own dishes into the bins provided. The tables and chairs are very basic. I swear they are the exact same chairs from my elementary school. They could very well have been since Gary and I were both born and raised in Victoria. Maybe the chairs were recycled from Gordon Head or Campus View?!

Since we were at Pig, we just had to order pork! Pulled Pork Sandwich ($6) – the bun was incredibly soft and pillowy, and extremely fresh – like it had just finished baking in the oven. The pork itself was so supple and tender, and tasted like it had been slow roasted to perfection for hours.

The pulled pork was slathered in their pig sauce and sprinkled with cabbage. Delicious! Carnivores will adore this place. If you live in, or are just visiting Victoria, definitely check out Pig BBQ Joint. They even have a location on the West Shore!


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