Pho Thai Hoa (Kingsway) Review

Pho Thai Hoa Vietnamese has two restaurant locations – one in Richmond, and the other in East Vancouver. We tried their Kensington location on Kingsway and ordered some Vietnamese subs, salad rolls, and of course pho! After having the real deal in Vietnam a few months ago, it’s hard not to compare the pho and ban mi to Vancouver offerings.

Ban Mi Dac Biet ($4.50) – Pho Thai Hoa’s special sub: Vietnamese ham, cold cuts, braised bacon with pickeled carrot and dikon radish, and fresh cilantro. Deliciously jam-packed with ingredients, surrounded by a freshly baked sub bun.

Bi Cuon ($5.00) – Shredded pork salad rolls with green leaf lettuce and vermicelli noodles. The lettuce was fresh, and there weren’t too many ‘filler’ noodles like other salad rolls often contain.

Large Pho Chin ($7.00) – Well done beef noodle soup with bean sprouts, green onions, red hot chili pepper, basil leaves, and a lime wedge. If you’ve never had pho before, the lime wedge makes all the difference by bringing all the flavours together and really kicking the dish up a notch.

Large Pho Dac Biet ($7.00) – House special noodle soup with beef brisket, fat brisket, soft tendon, tripe, and beef balls. A generous potion of meat and noodles, this dish is an excellent deal for seven dollars. The aromatic fresh basil added a delightful pungency to the soup.

Overall, Pho Thai Hoa serves fresh Vietnamese food at great prices. Check it out the next time you’re in the Kensington area of East Vancouver. Cám ơn 🙂

Pho Thai Hoa on Urbanspoon

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