Pho Gizmo Review – Bánh Mì On The Westside

There are slim pickings when it comes to good Pho on Vancouver’s Westside and even less to choose from when it comes to great Bánh Mì joints. Some refer to it as “the decent Vietnamese food divide” with Eastside restaurants serving far superior, yet less expensive dishes. Pho Gizmo, however, appears to be an exception to the rule.

Not the fanciest place, but this casual, family-run restaurant has everything you need. Located on King Edward Avenue and Oak Street, Pho Gizmo serves both of those popular Vietnamese soup and sandwich dishes, and even offer bubble tea on their menu (try Dragon Ball down the street for some of the best bubble tea in Vancouver).

We ordered some Salad Rolls as an appetizer, but they were just average. The appy was the standard size and shape you’d expect from comparable Vietnamese restaurants and included well-sized prawns, lettuce and vermicelli noodles. The peanut sauce was very thin and almost watery in consistency, but I appreciate more of a richer, thicker-textured peanut sauce like the one served at Saigon Night. The Pho, however, was surprisingly pretty decent for a Pho joint on the Westside. A generous portion of beef, plenty of noodles and a well-seasoned broth. I’m usually quite sensitive to MSG but didn’t feel that this particular Pho contained too much of the nasty (although delicious + addictive) additive.

As you can see from the above photo, the Cold Cut & Special Bánh Mì sandwiches were stuffed full of ingredients. The baguette was nice and fresh, and crunchy on the outside with a lovely light and airy interior.

Overall, Pho Gizmo isn’t the best Vietnamese restaurant in Vancouver, but it is one of the better ones on the Westside — and will most certainly (and most importantly) satisfy your Pho and Bánh Mì cravings. Also, their reasonable prices and location make it very convenient for those who live in the area but don’t have time to commute to east.

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