Cambie Vietnamese Restaurant Review

Cambie Vietnamese Restaurant is not actually located (as you would assume) on Cambie Street in Vancouver. In fact, it resides on Main Street & King Edward. The restaurant moved from Cambie to Main during the Canada Line construction.

Gary is a regular at this joint since he used to frequent with the Dot Com Pho group on Saturday afternoons. I’ve also been to this particular restaurant a handful of times so it is surprising we haven’t previously written a review.

We were heading to Aree Thai for lunch, but unluckily for us, it was closed. So we decided on Cambie Vietnamese, as we know it’s open seven days a week. It’s definitely our staple Vietnamese restaurant because the food is consistent, and the owner Brian is always there to greet his customers with a welcoming and exuberant “hello my friends!”.

Lunch special: Lemongrass chicken on rice, with a fried egg and spring roll ($8.99).

Lunch special: Rare beef pho noodle soup with side spring roll (Sm $7.50). Their small bowl is actually a pretty decent size. The usual garnish was served on the side: fresh Thai basil leaves, bean sprouts, lime wedges, and red hot non-Kiedis chili peppers. Although I do really enjoy cilantro in my Pho, the basil was equally aromatic.

A perk of dining at Cambie Vietnamese Restaurant is you don’t walk out reeking of pho (like similar Vietnamese restaurants). I don’t know about you, but the pho aroma always seems to permeate my clothes, hair, purses –  everything! Thankfully, Cambie’s kitchen must be extremely well ventilated.

On a side note: We recently travelled to Vietnam, where incredibly delicious pho was only $1.00 Canadian! In comparison, Cambie Vietnamese’s pho is pretty authentic tasting – although nothing beats the real thing in Vietnam, nor its low price 😉

Overall, if you’re looking for decent portions, fresh ingredients, and reasonably priced, flavourful Vietnamese cuisine, then you can bet on Cambie Vietnamese Restaurant to satisfy your tastebuds.

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