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Quiznos (Arbutus Walk) Kitsilano Review

Since we live around the corner, we’ve been to this Quiznos on many occasions when we have needed a quick bite to eat. As far as Quiznos go, this location is a pretty decent one. The restaurant is always really clean, the staff are usually quite pleasant, and best of all – they load up […]

Healthy Noodle House Review

Healthy Noodle House is located on 4th Avenue (corner of Stephens) in Kitsilano. The little restaurant offers healthy ‘no MSG’ noodle soup made fresh to order. You can customize your dish however you like: noodles, veggies, tofu, wontons, chicken, dumplings, prawns etc. They even have homemade hotsauce on every table – use sparingly, as it […]

Pho Lan Vietnamese Restaurant in Richmond

I don’t know about you but I absolutely love Vietnamese cuisine. Eating a bowl of Pho on a cold day can definitely warm you up. The fresh ingredients that Vietnamese food is composed of makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Today we’re going to review Pho Lan Vietnamese restaurant, located in Richmond, BC. […]

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