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Northern Tadka Review

We don’t find ourselves in the Surrey area of Greater Vancouver too often. No specific reason in particular except that it’s just a little far from our home in Kits – it’s over an hour and a half round-trip! But when we are in the area, we make a point of trying new (to us) […]

Taste Of Punjab Restaurant Review – Indian Cuisine In Whalley, Surrey

Friends of ours live in Surrey and rave about Taste of Punjab, claiming it’s one of the best Indian restaurants in all of Surrey. Others think so too – it’s been cooking up a storm over 18 years. High praises, but we took their word for it, and dined at Taste of Punjab for dinner […]

Akbar’s Own Restaurant Review – Indian Cuisine In Kitsilano

A popular Indian restaurant in Vancouver since 1992, Akbar’s Own dining lounge is located on the corner West Broadway and Cypress in Kitsilano. Named after Akbar the Great, a 16th century Mughal ruler, Akbar’s Own creates original dishes as well as traditional Kashmiri/Mughlai North Indian fare.   The restaurants presented a comfortable atmosphere and pleasant dining […]

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