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Hawker’s Delight Review

I love hawker food in South East Asia – it’s cheap, quick and delicious! The same can be said for Hawker’s Delight on Main Street in Vancouver.  It’s a little Singapore/Malaysian ‘hole in the wall’ offering tasty delights. Traditional hawker stands (street-food) in S.E.A. are either outdoor stalls or indoor food courts offering yummy food […]

Bo Laksa King Review

We just returned from lunch at Bo Laksa King which was a perfect way to spice up this wet and dreary afternoon.  Bo Laksa King is a tiny restaurant inside Joyce-Way Food Market (4910 Joyce St. & Wellington), in East Vancouver. It’s run by Bo and his wife Tiffany, who are a warm and friendly […]

Fresh Bowl Review

I had a craving for South East Asian food, as I often do after living there for 2 years when I was younger.  We were driving along Pacific Boulevard, heading to the downtown Costco and I noticed “Fresh Bowl – South East Asian”.  Perfect, I thought, we can try it for lunch after stocking up […]

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