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Jang Mo Jib Korean Restaurant Robson Street

We were doing some shopping at CB2 on Robson one afternoon in the summer and needed to refuel. Since it was such a hot and sunny day, what would be more refreshing than ice noodles? So we popped into Jang Mo Jib for a couple bowls of cooling mul naengmyeon or “Mool Naeng Myun” as […]

Wabora Fusion Japanese Restaurant – Bracebridge, ON

Wabora is a fusion restaurant blending Japanese and Korean food with more traditional North American Asian dishes. There are two Wabora locations in Ontario – one in Toronto and the other is in Bracebridge. We visited their Bracebridge location near Lake Muskoka during our press trip to the area. With 65 different rolls (check out […]

King Sejong Korean Restaurant Review Victoria, BC

King Sejong is an authentic Korean food restaurant located on Yates Street near Broad in downtown Victoria. It’s a spartan little hole-in-the-wall but serves some pretty decent fare. We lived in Seoul, South Korea, so we have a pretty good idea of what’s authentic Korean cuisine, and King Sejong is definitely one of the better […]

Insadong Korean BBQ And Seafood Restaurant Review

Insadong Korean BBQ And Seafood Restaurant is a popular choice for Korean food in Coquitlam since it’s a large restaurant with multiple private rooms, perfect for parties. We’ve dined at Insadong once before a couple years ago and don’t recall the restaurant being all that exceptional. But we were in the mood for Korean and thought […]

Hanwoori Korean Restaurant Review

Located on Imperial Street near Kingsway in Burnaby, Hanwoori is one of the top-rated Korean restaurants in the Lower Mainland. With semi-private rooms, perfect for larger tables, tasty Korean eats, and decent service, we can see why it gets top-billing. A plethora of complimentary and refillable side dishes such as sweet glazed potatoes, pickled daikon […]

H-Mart Richmond Grand Opening

H-Mart (Hanahreum Mart) is a Korean specialty food chain that began thirty years ago in Queens, New York. The company has since expanded around North America and even opened a shop in London, England last year. Currently, you can find H-Mart in Coquitlam, Langley, and on Robson Street in downtown Vancouver. On January 20, 2012, […]

Nor Boo Korean Restaurant Review

We visited Nor Boo Korean restaurant on two separate occasions, each a couple of months apart, so I thought it was time to post about our experiences. Located on Robson Street (near Nicola) in downtown Vancouver, Nor Boo is nestled amongst other popular Korean joints. We feel we’re both quite familiar with Korean cuisine, having […]

Wok Box North Vancouver Review

Wok Box Fresh Asian Kitchen is Canada’s first-ever Asian quick service restaurant. The company, founded in Alberta in 2004, has grown to included 58 stores nationwide, an international location in Lebanon, and will soon add franchises in the United States. Wok Box’s Corporate Chef, Don Letendre, is a well-known Vancouver chef and former Executive Chef […]

Ma Dang Goul Korean Restaurant Review

Despite the fact that Korean food is not my all time favorite cuisine, I do tend to find myself craving it from time to time. I guess that’s what happens when you spend a year living in Seoul. We were eating gelato at the shop next door when we noticed Ma Dang Goul Restaurant (on […]

Toyo Sushi Restaurant Review

Toyo Sushi is located on Cambie Street near West 6th Avenue, in the Fairview area of Vancouver. It is technically a Japanese style restaurant, but also serves a variety of Korean dishes such as bibimbap, hae-dup bap and kimchi. The restaurant also masquerades as a sports bar, as there are always regulars gathered round their […]

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