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Insadong Korean BBQ And Seafood Restaurant Review

Insadong Korean BBQ And Seafood Restaurant is a popular choice for Korean food in Coquitlam since it’s a large restaurant with multiple private rooms, perfect for parties. We’ve dined at Insadong once before a couple years ago and don’t recall the restaurant being all that exceptional. But we were in the mood for Korean and thought […]

Hanwoori Korean Restaurant Review

Located on Imperial Street near Kingsway in Burnaby, Hanwoori is one of the top-rated Korean restaurants in the Lower Mainland. With semi-private rooms, perfect for larger tables, tasty Korean eats, and decent service, we can see why it gets top-billing. A plethora of complimentary and refillable side dishes such as sweet glazed potatoes, pickled daikon […]

Dae Bak Bon Ga Restaurant Review

Korean BBQ always brings me right back to our year living in Seoul: A haze of barbecue smoke filled the air in restaurants and Ajummas responded “neeeehh” when customers rang the service buzzer.  These were often the sights and sounds of our daily dining adventures. Three years later, and I will occasionally have the urge […]

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