Hawker’s Delight Review

I love hawker food in South East Asia – it’s cheap, quick and delicious! The same can be said for Hawker’s Delight on Main Street in Vancouver.  It’s a little Singapore/Malaysian ‘hole in the wall’ offering tasty delights.

Traditional hawker stands (street-food) in S.E.A. are either outdoor stalls or indoor food courts offering yummy food at inexpensive prices. Hawker’s Delight’s dishes are $5 each or less and portions sizes are ample.

If you’re new to this type of cuisine, there are photos on the wall, so you can see what each meal looks like before you order.  It’s quite a small, cramped ‘no frills’ restaurant so most people order take out. (Don’t forget your dolla dolla bills, this joint is cash only).

Nasi Goreng (fried rice) with egg, tofu and sliced veggies was nice and spicy, flavorful.  Although a little greasy, it was definitely worth the price.

Gado Gado (an Indonesian vegetable salad) with potato, egg, tofu, cucumber green beans, and carrots, had a bit too much peanut sauce for my liking, although the dish was good.

Satay, at 75 cents each! Choose from beef, chicken or lamb. At hawker stands in Malaysia, vendors endure humid 33+ degree weather standing over hot coals, fanning flames with coconut leaf fans for hours on end. These satays didn’t taste like that but they were fresh, hot and looked like that they had just been cooked.

Hainanese Chicken with Rice served with chili sauce is often considered the national dish of Singapore.  This chicken was tender and the rice had a creamy oiliness, indicative of the dish.

I’ve had their Laksa before and it’s good if you’re craving that flavour.  But check out Bo Laksa King is you’re in the mood for a more substantial Laksa meal.

Overall, Hawker’s delight is great little spot in Vancouver when you want the taste of S.E.A. at a great price! The old adage is ‘you get what you pay for’. But when it comes to fast food, I’d much rather pay five dollars for some noodles or fried rice than a nutrition-less belly-bomb from McDonald’s!

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