Adonia Tea House Kerrisdale Review

I was craving some afternoon tea last weekend, so we decided to try Adonia Tea House in Kerrisdale. It is located on West 41st Ave and a close drive for us from Kitsilano.

My husband and I opted for the “Mini Afternoon Tea” since we were going out for a big family dinner that night and didn’t want to spoil our appetites.  It was $14 per person and included “6 pieces of in-house finger foods and choice of signature teas”.

Their loose-leaf specialty teas were flavorful and they offered a good variety to choose from. I ordered a ginger infused English Breakfast and my hubby had an Earl Grey tea. Wonderful teas, not too acidic. Candles to keep the pots warm was a nice touch.

We were only provided with forks to stir out tea and had to ask for spoons.  Also, our server wasn’t very friendly and didn’t seem very knowledgeable about the menu as she couldn’t explain what we were going to be served. Just “pastries and sandwiches” she said.

The sandwiches were mini scones with tuna and buttery croissants with turkey. Tasty enough and the scones weren’t too dry.  Mini strawberry shortcakes, roll cakes and chocolate brownies were also moist.  The food was ok, but nothing “wowed” me.

The decor was very English Inn inspired with lots of floral wall paper and little lamps on each dining table.  Compared to High Tea at the Empress in Victoria or even the Gatsby Mansion (also in Victoria), this afternoon tea was lacking.  However, if you have never experienced afternoon tea before, and therefore have no comparison, you might like it here. Overall, I enjoyed our afternoon tea experience at Adonia Tea House for what it was: a mini experience.  I’ll continue my search for better afternoon teas in Vancouver.

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  • I'm not finished read this yet, but it's so fabulous 'n I'll back again when I was finished my job 😀

  • It’s a great spot for high-tea 🙂

  • John Q

    I’ve been here before and I love it! It’s so nice and cozy inside – great place to relax while drinking tea and snacking.

  • Hi John, I agree – Adonia is a very comfy and cozy spot to sip tea!

  • Carried

    Went for an afternoon tea with my pal J,at Adonia. We arrived on time and had to wait for 15 mins standing there waiting to be seated. We noticed there was an empty table for two,and an uncleaned table.Since there has to be a reservation,then why did we just left standing there like idiots being ignored,very odd or perhaps just their unprofessionalism. We finally got seated and we shared the “Afternoon Tea”,and two pot of teas.The sandwiches,scones,and other sweets were just mediocre,not worth the money. I rather go elsewhere that would probably cost more and to experience a better attitude of service.