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Toshi is a small Japanese restaurant on 16th, near Main Street. They don’t take reservations and the restaurant is only open from 5-10pm.  You have to stand in line before it opens to get a seat…or you’ll need to put your name on the list and prepare to wait for a while.

We waited in line for about 15 minutes. Now, our thoughts on the food:

The miso soup came with a lid, which was unnecessary. Deep fried bits of tofu skin were floating around in the broth – not so tasty.

California roll and mango/smoked salmon roll. Neither were very good.  Another strange thing was the edamame was served ‘fresh from the refrigerator cold’.

The sliced mango was a little unappetizing as it was bruised.  When we brought our dissatisfaction to the server’s attention, she said “oh it’s just ripe”.  Uh sure lady…more like overly ripe – or “it’s rotten” [insert Chef Ramsay voice].

Cold tofu on ice served with ginger, green onion and bonito flakes. Pour the soy sauce into the bowl to create the dipping sauce. It was ok, but the tofu soaked up all the cold water as the ice melted.

Gary really liked his dinner box which came with deep fried oyster, shrimp + avocado + tofu in mayo sauce, assorted nigiri, tempura shrimp and yam, tuna, salmon and tako sashimi. He thought his food was tasty and the box offered a lot of variety for decent price ($16.95).

I think the most annoying part was the service.  The restaurant had unpleasant ‘mature’ Japanese female servers. They were rude, indifferent and were all standing around chatting instead of actually working. I would equate their attitude and service to that of a stereotypical Korean ‘Ajummas’.

To give you and idea of what I’m talking about, here’s an example of the mind set of a Korean Ajumma:

The motto at Toshi is “the customer is always wrong”.  One server got into a heated argument with a group of 5 people who were waiting for their 5th person to arrive. Apparently he was right outside locking up his bike, but the server refused to seat the group as he was not right in front of her. Strong words were exchanged, but finally the man ran in with his bike seat just before the server was going to seat a group in line behind them. A silly spectacle that the server could have easily avoided. Needless to say, it made for a very unpleasant dining experience. Yes, the restaurant has a hand written sign on their door stating their policy. But sorry Toshi, but you’re not that special.

Check out Shiro Japanese Restaurant for great food and service!

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