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We live really close to Temaki Sushi and have always heard great reviews about the Japanese restaurant. “Best Sushi in Vancouver” is a title thrown around a lot in conversation, so we thought we’d better check it out!  Walking past the sushi joint on a regular basis, we noticed that it’s often busy – always a good sign 🙂

They offer an extensive menu and each item is reasonably priced ($5-$30). They’re open for lunch and dinner, but closed on Sundays. Service was friendly and prompt and the waiters are very attentive.  They made sure our tea cups were never empty and quality-checked after each dish was tasted.

The California rolls were a good size – just the right amount to fit in your mouth in one bite.  I hate eating huge pieces of sushi where you need to take 2 or 3 bites just to finish one piece.  Sure, people feel that they’re getting their money’s worth, but to me, sushi’s not supposed to be massive. The imitation crab and avocado were both fresh looking and tasting, but the seaweed or ‘nori’, was a little chewy.

Chopped scallop roll with topiko was fresh, but the again, the nori was a bit on the chewy side.

Their teriyaki chicken bento box with salmon and tuna sashimi was also delicious.  The tempura batter was nice and light and served pipping hot. The chicken was a little fatty, but that’s too be expected with teriyaki chicken boxes in Vancouver. Edamame was lightly salted, retained a bright green color because they weren’t overly steamed, and a good sized portion.

We tend to frequent the nearby I Sushi (review to come) restaurant more often than Temaki. I think it’s out of sheer convenience, since I Sushi is literally across the street from us.  However, we will definitely be back to Temaki and are looking forward to tasting their Chef and Dragon Rolls!

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