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Gary and I are fortunate to have an abundant array of sushi restaurants within walking distance from our home. I presume that is the reason we’ve recently been on a bit of a sushi overload. As a case in point, we ordered take-out sushi last night from Hitoe, we’re going to Hi-Nippon tonight to meet some friends dinner, and we had I Sushi a few days ago.

We’ve dined at I Sushi a zillion times, but surprisingly haven’t reviewed the restaurant on Eating In Vancouver. I’m also perplexed that we haven’t reviewed Hitoe yet since we go there equally as frequently. I’ll get around to that review soon, I promise!

I Sushi is tucked in between The Room hair salon and a diving centre on Arbutus & West 10th. The row of shops all have the same green signage, so the restaurant is easy to miss. I Sushi’s ambiance is dark and more modern (some might even call it ‘classier’) than a standard Japanese eatery.

Although their California Roll ($3.25) isn’t mind-blowing, for the price it’s a great deal.

Gary ordered a combo called the Dinner Box: Box C ($13.95). It was quite a large meal and included two pieces of salmon sashimi, two pieces of tuna sashimi, your choice of chicken or beef teriyaki, dynamite roll, green salad, spring roll, rice and miso soup (not pictured). The quality of the sashimi was standard and relatively average to what you would receive at a similar restaurant and corresponding price point. The chicken teriyaki was decent and not as fatty as other establishments.

Steamed Edamame ($3.00) with no salt, as per our order. You can’t really tell from the above photo, but the portion size of this edamame is very generous. So, if you love edamame or if you’re a vegetarian, I Sushi is a great place to eat on-the-cheap: I Sushi has a reasonably priced lunch vegetarian Bento Box special for only for $6.95. Served from 11:30am until 5:00pm, Box D: Veggie Box includes an avocado roll, spicy tofu, veggie tempura, green salad, rice and miso soup.

If ‘Chef Special Rolls’ are your thing, I Sushi has an extensive variety of unique offerings such as ‘Caribbean Storm’, ‘Brazil Samba’, and ‘Sea Adventure’. One of their most interesting rolls is the ‘Latin Lover‘: It includes strawberries (yes your read correctly strawberries), cream cheese, smoked salmon, black tobiko, mayonnaise, and tempura shavings. We ordered this dish once previously, out of sheer curiosity. The roll was an ambitious combination of flavors, although not something we would necessarily order again.

Overall, I Sushi serves decent, reasonably priced Japanese food with generous portions, has attentive service and a pleasant atmosphere.

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