Ebisu On Robson – VANEATS.ca ‘EBISU FLAIR’ Dining Package Preview

The first time we visited Ebisu on Robson Street in downtown Vancouver, we enjoyed VANEATS.ca’s CHEERS EBISU dining package which was a great pass to share with friends while watching the game on Ebisu’s big screen. This time around, and just in time for Valentine’s Day, the team created a 5-course package perfect for sharing with a loved one. We were kindly invited by the awesome guys at VANEATS.ca to preview this latest offering, and the five dishes featured in EBISU FLAIR dining package are as follows:

Aigamo Duck Salad (regularly $7.50) features super tender roasted duck slices and sauteed button mushrooms served on a bed of fresh spring greens, segmented sweet orange pieces, diced tomatoes, and crisp bell peppers. We appreciated how the fragrant citrus infused ginger dressing was served on the side so we could personally customize the amount poured. Overall, an excellent salad filled with a variety of textures, such as crunchy wonton strips, and complementary flavours – we loved it.

Tiger Mayo (regularly $9.95 for 6 prawns) includes deep fried Black Tiger prawns complete with the chef’s sweet chilli mayonnaise dipping sauce. This dish was also featured on the Cheers Ebisu dining package and we equally enjoyed the large, lightly battered, crunchy prawns on this occasion. Salmon Carpaccio (regularly $9.95) – Sashimi fans will rejoice in this raw fish dish consisting of thinly sliced Atlantic salmon marinated in soy based olive oil, topped with citrus white wine mayo and flavoured garlic chips and pea shoots. Even though this salmon plate is drizzled with heavy mayo, it’s surprisingly a rather light dish.

Crunch & Munch Roll (regularly $10.95) contains prawn tempura, cucumber, tobiko wrapped with unagi (eel) and creamy ripe avocado slices. Drizzled with a lovely unagi & wasabi cream sauce. One of the best “dragon rolls” that we’ve had in a long time and we especially liked that there wasn’t too much rice, which is the way sushi rolls should be made!

Mars Attack (regularly $5.50) – I was so excited when I heard deep-fried Mars bars were included in EBISU FLAIR as I have always wanted to try them, but assumed I’d have to plan a trip to the UK since they’re a British treat, originating in fish n’ chip shops in Scotland in the ’90s. We don’t recall previously seeing deep-fried Mars bars on a menu in Vancouver, until now. Who would have thought you could order deep-fried Mars bars at a Japanese restaurant! Featuring smooth nougat and creamy caramel coated in milk chocolate then battered and fried. Served with two scoops of Polar vanilla ice cream and whipped cream resting on a bed of sweet and crispy corn flakes. A fabulous temperature and texture contrast with warm oozing chocolate, cool cream and crunchy flakes. Garnish was forgotten on ours (Ebisu generally serves this dessert with a mint leaf, strawberry slice and drizzled with chocolate sauce), but it was a heavenly indulgence that certainly lived up to my expectations.

You can purchase this fantastic EBISU FLAIR dining package at VANEATS.ca for only $20 starting tomorrow at 3pm (February 9th until April 5th). The pass is an excellent opportunity to taste a selection of items off Ebisu’s regular menu for a reasonable price. This package is a great Valentine’s Day dinner to share with your date because it won’t leave you feeling overly stuffed. Get yours before they sell out!

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