Costco Food Court – Best Deal In Town

This downtown Vancouver location is a really pleasant Costco to shop at, and the one we frequent the most. It’s never overly busy, like the dreaded Richmond Costco always seems to be. The food court, however, does tend to have loads of customers at lunch time. Currently, you’ll find a long line of construction workers from BC Place across the street. Costco Food Court has a small selection of fast food items like ice cream, chicken strips, fries, hot dogs, pizza, etc.

Usually prices increase in Vancouver, not go down! But what started as the best deal in the city, became an even cheaper deal: Costco’s jumbo hot dog & a pop was $1.99, pretty cheap, no? However, now the exact same deal is only $1.50! (This $1.50 price has stayed constant in USA Costcos since 1985).

What does your buck-fifty get you? A huge and super juicy quarter-pound 100% beef jumbo hot dog on a uber pillowy soft bun, with a refillable 20 ounce soft drink. I dare you to find a cheaper deal in this town! Personally, I enjoy Costco hot dogs more than chewy-meat/dry-bun Japadogs.

Another cheap ‘n’ delicious item on Costco’s Food Court menu? Poutine! It’s a large portion of crispy fries, fresh out of the deep fryer, topped with rich, steaming hot brown gravy, and a generous amount of cheese curds, for only around four dollars. I actually like it better than the poutine we had at La Belle Patate in the West End.

Another great thing about Costco, is that your membership card will work at any Costco around the world! After living in Seoul, we can back to BC and our Korea Costco card worked here. We even got some awesome deals on macadamia nuts in Costco Kauai, and I’m rather fond of the berry smoothie available at the Costcos in Phoenix and San Diego.

Costco has the best deals in town, especially for hot dogs and poutine – Costco, we heart you. FYI: The Food Court is CASH ONLY, even for Costco members. Underground parking is available, however, it costs $2.00.

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