Kawaii Eats Review – Japanese Macarons & Spicy “Spook-a-rons”

Kawaii Eats’ Melany Yeap is a pastry chef and all-around culinary explorer. She founded Kawaii Eats to combine her love of baking with cute and quirky creations from Japan – like her adorable “Hello Kitty” macarons. Kawaii Eats was at the Baker’s Market on Saturday where we sampled some of Melany’s tasty and uniquely flavoured macaron creations.

Melany whipped up some festive treats specifically for the ghoulish holiday such as jack-o’-latern, coal-coloured kitty, and haunting ghost macarons: The three “Spook-a-rons” ($2.00 each or three for $5.00), or Halloween Macarons, were the spicy Black Cat Macarons with chili and cinnamon Mexican spiced ganache, as well as some nut free Pumpkin Seed Macarons with a buttercream filling of pumpkin pie, and white Ghostly Macarons with vanilla buttercream.

The Black Cat Macaron could be a bit of an acquired taste for some as the dark chocolate and cayenne pepper combination gives it a ‘devilish’ zing. However, I loved the spicy flavour combination of this very original macaron because upon first bite, you don’t feel the the warm heat of the chili until after you have chewed. It’s a wonderful experience for all five senses – see the nicely decorated treats, smell the rich chocolate, hear the crisp outer texture, taste the sweet and soft meringue, feel the creamy filling oozing from the middle, and then bam – a little kick of heat!

Kawaii Eats’ Japanese Macarons and Kyoto Packs consist of Matcha Macarons with white chocolate Yuzu ganache, Chocolate Macarons with Nutella buttercream, and Black Sesame Macarons with red bean buttercream.

Japanese Macarons cost $2.00 each, and the Kyoto Pack contains the three flavours of Japanese Macarons for $6.00. I love the beautiful pink cherry blossom design in the Kyoto Pack. Kawaii!

Kawaii Eats
(604) 306-0699
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