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Dolce Amore is a family-run neighborhood gelateria located in the heart of Commercial Drive’s “Little Italy” area of East Vancouver. They specialize in handcrafted small batches of gelato, taking cues from Italian artisan traditions, as well as fruit sorbetto and specialty cakes.

Waffle cones and colourful plastic cups lines the counter and shelves.

Gelato and sorbetto flavour selections change daily, but they often carry the classics like nocciola (hazelnut), limoncello, and panna cotta. Usually this gelateria is fully stocked, but last night it appeared that they were running low on many flavours. Luckily, my favourite “Cheesecake” flavour was still available, and I also tried another flavour called “Salty Toffee”. The cheesecake had a delicate cream-cheese flavour without a strong ‘cheesy’ taste. The toffee was slightly salty, but not overpowering, with a buttery sweet caramel flavour, and black strings of dark chocolate folded lightly within. Its colour was very orange, and contrasted with the black bits of chocolate, it reminded me of a Halloween dessert. Yum!

The above gelato cup consisted of half a scoop of “Peach-Apricot”, and the other half “Bounty” chocolate bar. The Bounty did indeed taste like the popular Bounty candy bar – subtle coconut flavour mixed with a chocolatey creamy gelato. And the peach/apricot had a freshly-picked-from-the-tree, fruity aroma. Delicious!

On all previous visits, we always received gargantuan scoops of gelato. But last night the portions seemed smaller. Also, one large scoop used to be quite reasonably price at $3.50, but yesterday their prices had risen – one scoop cost us approximately $4.50 after tax. Raising prices + decreasing portion sizes will most likely be frowned upon by regular patrons. However, they continue to allow customers to split a one scoop cup or cone into two flavours.

Overall, Dolce Amore is an excellent gelato shop on The Drive, and if you happen to be in downtown Vancouver, definitely check out Bella Gelateria. FYI: Dolce Amore Gelateria is a CASH ONLY establishment.

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