Tang’s Noodle House Review

Tang’s Noodle House on West Broadway & MacDonald has been cooking up tasty Chinese food in Kitsilano since 1988. That’s a long time to be in business, considering restaurants come and go in this city every few months. This restaurant has stuck around for so long because it offers consistent food, using “100% vegetable oil, and No MSG” – big selling points for a lot of its customers in the area. Another reason for its longevity, is Tang’s offers inexpensive lunch specials (between 10:30am – 4:00pm) like choice of one item (i.e. breaded almond chicken, or shrimp in black bean sauce) served with soup of the day and a bowl of rice – all for $8.50.

This restaurant provides an extensive selection of Cantonese style and western style Chinese food, and recently started serving bubble tea and bubble slush. Nice. I wonder how their bubble tea compares to one of our favorites – Dragon Ball? We didn’t end up ordering bubble tea on this visit, or noodles for that matter, but instead ordered a few standard dishes for dinner.

Chicken Fried Rice ($9.00) – Nicely seasoned and a large portion of fried rice, with egg, green peas, and chicken. This was great fried rice, with just enough ingredients to feel like it wasn’t just a plate of white rice. Szechuan Style Green Beans ($9.85) – This dish was hot and spicy, but incredibly salty. Order with an extra tall glass of ice water (or hot water if that’s your thing).

Ginger Beef ($11.25) – Coated and deep fried strips of beef smothered in a sweet honey, ginger and garlic sauce, and wok fried with julienned bell peppers. Served fresh, as beef pieces remained crunchy even though they were covered with sauce. We would have liked a little more beef, and less batter, but it was a great ginger beef dish overall. Sweet & Sour Boneless Pork ($10.95) – Deep fried pieces of succulent pork, coated in a sweet and tangy sauce, and sauteed with pineapple chunks, green peppers and onions. Fairly lean, but still tender pork and a generous portion to boot. No complaints of this dish, it was a solid and standard sweet ‘n sour piggy concoction.

Overall, Tang’s Noodle House is a dependable Chinese food restaurant, with a great location. Have you tried Tang’s food or its Bubble Teas? What did you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. FYI: 10% discount on pick up orders of $20 or more. Free delivery within 5km radius, $20 minimum.

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