Connie’s Cookhouse Chinese Restaurant Kitsilano Review

Connie’s Cookhouse is a Chinese food restaurant located in the heart of Kitsilano, on West 4th Avenue & Arbutus. They specialize in Szechuan and Cantonese cuisines, as well as ‘Malaysian curries’. We’ve dined here a few times and continue to return because the restaurant is close to our home and claims to not use any MSG.

On this particular occasion we decided our Sunday evening dinner last night would be Chinese take-out from Connie’s Cookhouse. Connie’s service is always friendly, prompt, and portions sizes are quite large.

Complimentary Hot & Sour Soup (Small $5.35) – you can choose your choice of hot & sour soup or egg rolls with orders of $30 or more. Also, receive a 10% discount on pick-up orders of $20 or more.

Beef and Broccoli ($10.75) – the beef slices were lovely and tender, and the broccoli was cooked but still retained a nice crispness.

Salted Fish & Chicken Fried Rice ($9.25) – the dish was very tasty, not overly oily, and the fish was extremely salty – hence the name.

Honey Garlic Chicken Wings (8 for $6.75) – the sauce was deliciously sweet from the honey and had an aromatic, garlicky pungency.

Szechuan Ginger Beef ($10.75) – the beef in this dish was also very tender, the sauce was quite sweet and the overall flavors were slightly spicy.

Every other occasion that we’ve been to Connie’s Cookhouse, I have felt the dishes were fresh, delicious, not overly salty, and almost had a ‘homemade’ taste. This time however, my experience was slightly different.

I’m usually quite sensitive to MSG and can tell when I’ve consumed mono sodium glutamate. After eating my meal last night I experienced ‘that’ feeling – racing heartbeat and anxiousness. However, it could very well be that Connie’s Cookhouse just used a lot of salt in all of our particular dishes last night. Not sure…

Anyway, if you’re attempting to stay away from MSG or have an allergy to the substance, there is another restaurant in Kitsilano that also claims to not use MSG: Healthy Noodle Soup, located on West 4th Ave as well.

Overall, Connie’s Cookhouse offers really good Chinese food, great portions and reasonable prices. She even has a signed picture of David Suzuki on the wall – so it must be good food, right?! What has your experience been at Connie’s Cookhouse?

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