Woodvillage Cafe Review – The Perfect Kitsilano “Coffice”

Located right beside Evelyn’s Cafe & Grill on West Broadway near Yew Street, we frequent Woodvillage Cafe more than probably any other establishment in Vancouver. Why? Well the owner, Mac, serves some of the best coffee ($1.95 12oz/ $2.15 16oz) in all of Kitsilano (Oughtred Coffee), and I’m certainly addicted. Oughtred Coffee & Tea is a family owned, B.C. business with over 37 years in industry. And yes, we went to high school in Victoria with the lovely Oughtred offsprings, but that’s not the reason we adore their coffee – it’s just darn good stuff. With multiple varieties and blends, the Oughtred coffee served at Woodvillage is organic, dark roast beans and each cup is freshly brewed to order. It’s fresh like an Americano, but for some reason, it tastes even better than their espresso version.

Mac and his wife work as a team to run this little cafe. And we’re actually sitting in Woodvillage right now in our “coffice” while Mac Vita-Mixes blended coffee beverages for thirsty students from the nearby private school. (On a side note, “coffice” is a portmanteau of “coffee” and “office”, and the term (apparently coined in South Korea) is used to describe coffee houses and cafes that are used for work purposes). Anyway, so we’re in our mobile office and to change things up, I ordered some Tea ($2.10) – Harney & Sons Fine Teas, in a camomile & lavender flavor is heavenly aromatic.

We also ordered some lunch and brunch. I opted for a Breakfast Sandwich ($3.20) – Ham, egg, and cheddar cheese, served on a toasted English muffin. Woodvillage does offer a breakfast sandwich made with bacon for $3.70.

Mac makes homemade food as well, like hearty muffins, scones, and Curry $8.25 – Served with white rice and a small side salad, this chicken curry was flavorful and well-seasoned.

The number one requirement for a great coffice is free wifi, which is also provided here at Woodvillage (just ask Mac for the login password). Sit at the counter with your laptop and watch the world fly by, or eat at one of the five small tables provided. Some seating is offered outside as well, so you can hang with your puppy in the fresh air. Another reason Woodvillage Cafe is such a great coffice is that it’s meticulously clean and tidy, everyday. I’ve never been here when it wasn’t spic and span. Calming jazz music plays softly on the speakers, creating a comfortable and soothing atmosphere, an excellent setting for getting word done on your laptop. Woodvillage Cafe is the perfect coffice in Kitsilano.

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