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We’ve driven past Innocent Coffee a number of times, and I was always drawn to its little stand alone two-level building and “innocent” lamb logo. On this occasion we finally decided to check it out – and were glad we did! (Bonus: Free parking is provided out front, which is always a nice touch in Vancouver).

Brother + sister co-owners, Yahwei and Jerome, were friendly and welcoming when we stepped inside their cafe. It’s a light, bright open space with a white interior decor, complete with white tables and chairs. The room is calming and cozy at the same time. Large windows surround the cafe, so no matter the weather, I’m sure it always feels uplifting.

Innocent Coffee uses Origins Organic Coffee – which is artisan roasted:

Every single bean that comes in an Origins Organic Coffee or Hines Public Market Coffee bag will always be, without exception, roasted “by hand” – no pre-set temps, computers, or timers – and weighed, bagged and sealed by hand. Slow and steady. We would go bonkers if we weren’t always sniffing, listening for pops, and using our highly trained eyeballs.

and farmer friendly:

…we’re not just buying some cheap coffees and spinning some unicef yarn – we’re dedicated to buying quality coffees, farmed sustainably; bought and traded transparently.

and applies the “14-day rule” (beans are discarded 14 days after roast date). Additionally, for those who can’t handle caffeine or are concerned about chemicals used in decaffeinated coffee – don’t worry, they only use Swiss Water Process decaf coffee.

Yahwei carefully measures beans on mini digital scales, then grinds them to perfection. Then the beverages are weighed a second time when filtering hot water through grounds in ceramic pour-overs, ensuring the best cups of coffee.

Made to order coffee: 12oz Coffee ($2.10) and a Small Coffee ($1.56) – served at the optimal temperature, their coffee is impeccable, full-bodied, and smooth with low acidity – customers can even drink their coffee black, without cream or sugar.

If patrons do care for cream or sugar in their coffee, Innocent Coffee provides nutritionally-dense Muscovado sugar – a type of unrefined dark brown sugar with a distinct rich molasses flavour.

Jerome bakes daily tasty treats using their one non-industrial oven. Pastries offered often include delicate macarons, buttery croissants and as pictured above: muffins and made from scratch shortbread cookies, with aromatic flavors such as lavender and gingerbread.

The second floor of Innocent Coffee, The Upper Room designed by Studio 1430, is a small art gallery showcasing various pieces from local artists. The space provides additional seating such as wooden stools, a small couch, as well as this homey little nook seen in the above photo.

This unique cafe saves space by using an iPad as their till, rather than a bulky cash register. Their iPad till looks sleek and streamlined in their chic little space, and to save paper, they will even email customers their receipts should they so desire .

Tip: Due to space limitations and health code restrictions they are only permitted to serve disposable cups and utensils. Feel free to bring your own mug if you would like to save some trees.

Chic, cute and cozy – Innocent Coffee is a wonderful place to grab meticulously made coffee and delicious homemade baked goods — “Just Taste and See!”

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