Baguette Time Review – Screamers

Today was the perfect sunny day for an ice cold creamy screamer. What’s that you ask? Well, we previously blogged about Danny’s Screamers in Richmond, and heard from 604 Foodtography that screamers are also available at Baguette Time in the West End, and Husky Market on King Ed & Oak. We tried Husky’s screamers last week, but didn’t enjoy them. As Kevin and other bloggers mentioned, the soft serve was quite liquidy. We actually complained to the cashier, but she told us that “that’s how it’s supposed to be”. Oh well!

We popped into Baguette Time on Davie & Bute today to see how their screamers ($3.00) compared to Danny’s and Husky’s. You know what? We were pleasantly surprised. The creamy vanilla soft serve was the optimum consistency and temperature, as was the orange-mango slushy. However, Danny’s Market screamers still reign supreme. If you can’t make it all the way out to Richmond, then Baguette Time offers the perfect screamer alternative. What’s your favourite screamer shop?

Baguette Time on Urbanspoon

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