Moderne Burger in Kitsilano Review

There’s nothing better than a hearty burger and some greasy fries to cure that Sunday hangover. Am I right?! Well, for those in the search for the best burger in Vancouver, BC, don’t count out Moderne Burger in the heart of trendy Kitsilano.

Moderne Burger Gets Busy Fast–Choose Your Time Wisely

Moderne Burger is a busy burger joint. That means at peak hours you can expect to be waiting for a table. Luckily, I took my wife out at just around 5pm during the weekday and we didn’t have to wait. The place did pack up quickly though as the seating in Moderne Burger consists of booths and barstools at the counter (in Oct 2009 they just finished a 14 month renovation to expand the restaurant).

The menu is simple, and that’s what makes Moderne Burger so famous. Their burgers are hand made from steak without the use of fillers, seasoning, or preservatives. Call it what it is, but this can be deemed a “healthy” burger if you compare it to other burger joints (including the fast food ones, where you have no idea where the beef is from).

You get a choice of: steak, ground turkey, veggie, or salmon filet.
All burgers come with: lettuce, tomato, onions, mayonnaise, and house sauce

We each decided on the Burger and Fries for $10.95. That’s about the average price for burger and fries in this town, although it doesn’t come with any extras. I opted for cheddar and bacon to kick my burger up a notch. I remembered my sister telling us that their fries come in HUGE portions and that we should’ve shared–but too late for that!

The decor of Moderne Burger is reminiscent of your 40’s and 50’s diner, but with a slight sense of a modern twist. With that being said, my wife ordered a chocolate milkshake for $4.95 and I got a root beer float for $4.25. It’s like having dessert before the meal, the way it should be as my wife always says! Both drinks were fairly large and satisfying, and might I add the milkshakes are hand made–you even get the metal container with the extra on the side.

Stop Talking and Show Us the Burger!

So here are the stars of the show–the burgers! These burgers are not tiny in any respect and well sized. The bun is very soft and almost had a slightly sweet taste to it, and was very fresh. The burger was good, but wasn’t as “juicy” as some other burgers I’ve tried (the Feenie Burger at the Cactus Club). Maybe because there aren’t any fillers in the meat. The fries are hand cut to order and fried in olive oil! They were quite tasty but we could not finish them.

Overall, our meal at Moderne Burger was quite satisfying. The service is excellent as the staff is very friendly and the vibe inside the restaurant is quite fun. We saw many families enjoying themselves here and the place was buzzing non stop. Some may find $10.95 steep for a regular burger and fries, but you get what you pay for. Definitely worth a stop if you’re looking for one of the best burger joints in Vancouver.

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