Sliders Bar Cedar Hill (Victoria, BC)

I remember when this building used to be La Collina Bakery – yumm that place had scrumptious freshly baked breads and delicious gelato! Now home of Sliders Cedar Hill, we met some friends at this bar/restaurant/bakery for brunch. We had heard it offered chicken & waffles on its menu. Say whaaat? Chicken & waffles in Victoria? We simply had to give Sliders a shot.

We all ordered bottomless coffee ($2.25), and it was pretty decent – they even give you a choice of dark or medium roasts. The Senators ($7.99) – Sorry, no photo, but just image a freshly made Belgian waffle topped with whipped cream and strawberries. Yum! This was probably this best meal out of everyone’s. It looked amazing, the waffle was soft and airy, and nothing beats rich, thick and creamy real whipped cream. The Spurs ($10.99) – Whole wheat flour tortilla filled with scrambled eggs, roasted red peppers, mushrooms, spinach, and salsa, served with hashbrowns. The Islanders ($7.99) – Ham & cheese, or spinach & mozarella omelette on a croissant, served with hashbrowns. Potatoes on both dishes were hot and crispy, and portions were generous.

Here we go, the reason we wanted to try Sliders – chicken ‘n waffles: The Capitals ($12.99) – Freshly made Belgian waffle topped with three pieces of fried chicken. How was it? Well, the waffle was light and crispy on the outside just like “The Senators”, but the fried chicken was overly sticky and very sweet. The waffle ended up soaking up a lot of the sweet chicken sauce, turning the delicious Belgian waffle a little limp. It was a generous portion of chicken, but the price still seemed a little expensive. It was much better than Refuel’s chicken & waffles, and I’d say IHOP was actually the best out of the three.

Our overall experience, brunch and service, was decent but nothing special – I’d say average for typical Victoria fare. It appears like this place is more popular for dinner and drinks anyway. But is Sliders a bakery, or a bar, or a restaurant?

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